A little about me... 

I was made in the UK in a city called Brighton and Hove, I’m 1/3 Greek Cypriot (yes believe it or not!) and I’m vertically challenged at 5’6. I’m a foodie with a sweet tooth and I love chocolate and ice cream, shhh don’t tell anyone, and the best paella I had to date was in Barcelona.

I also love to travel, so please do feel free to give me some recommendations.

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"

I've been a personal trainer since 2014 and I really enjoy working with people like YOU to help improve the way you Move, Feel and to Look Amazing.  

Hi, I'm 



''Dont think, Just lace up, get out and do it with a smile''

My Passions...

One of my favourite places in the world so far is: Squaw Vally, Cali, which led me into playing a team sport, this is where I first started travelling and training.

Inline Hockey was a massive part of my life. I was fortunate enough within my inline hockey career to represent Great Britain, making some life long friends and working with some amazing coaches, this is where my passion for health and fitness began. I believe we are all athletes in one way, and should be the master of our own body and mind through movement and living our best lives.

Other than coaching my personal interests are, Calisthenics, Cross fit, Functional training and all things out doors from skiing, surfing, climbing, biking, you name it I’ve most likely tried it . What are yours?. 


James, Innovation Consultant

I have been training with Luke for almost a year now, he is an excellent PT! Really knows his stuff around what exercises are best in what situation and is great at advising from a nutrition perspective too. He also strikes a great balance between pushing you to your absolute limit and having fun with it. I always feel better after a workout with Luke and would highly recommend him!


Marlon, Coach Driver

It’s been an absolute pleasure training with Luke. In the 4 months he coached me, I lost around a stone and a quarter and visibly leaner, I feel fitter and stronger and generally healthier.He encourages you to eat cleaner and never give up. He sets monthly challenges which is great to keep you motivated just when you feel like waning a bit. Luke is calm, never forceful and always sociable. Even though you’re doing the work he does a fab job of helping you along. I’m looking forward to start training with him again


Louisa, Head of Leadership

I highly recommend sessions with Luke. He's consistent at making sure you are doing things right which i like in a PT, but he's also really friendly and makes sessions enjoyable but pushes you at the same time. I definitely noticed how quickly i toned up from going to his sessions, and always came away feeling strong and invigorated. The only reason i stopped working with him was because of logistics otherwise i would happily continue to train under his supervision and guidance.


Level 2 Gym & Exercise, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Nutrition, TRX Trainer, Spin, Kettle Bell, Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist, Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist, First aid at work and on-going other development.

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