I've have selected just a handful of testimonials here for you to have a read through:


Jen, Director 

When I first started I was unhappy with myself and my weight. We worked together to break bad habits with my diet, slowly making improvements. Coaching with Luke has been easy to follow, with specific training and mobility plans, specific to my needs. I've been able to train when and wherever I want to, so I've got so much flexibility. Luke is always on hand too if I need him to motivate me.


Before, I used to really struggled to be consistent but Luke has made the workouts enjoyable but also challenging. Having him there to make me more accountable has really helped me be consistent.

Now                                                                         Before

55 kg                                                                        69 KG

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I used to have a face to face PT for a little while, when I first started talking to Luke I was sceptical about online training. I had been putting it off for a while . Thankfully Luke reached out to me. I cannot thank him enough for it. I wish I had started sooner. If you have doubt about training online just do it and thank me later.


Can't thank Luke enough for his help, such a great guy and friend! oh and he's my coach.


Pam, Retired 

I would like to say that I am really enjoying my training sessions with Luke and feel that I am making good progress.  I can tell that my general fitness has improved along with better muscle tone.  However this is in addition to the work Luke and I have been doing to improve my posture which is always an issue since I have Parkinson's disease. I can see an improvement here too  and Luke has been helping me to focus on trying to maintain a better posture by working on the relevant muscles. I am pleased to have Luke as my PT. He knows his stuff and is good company whilst we work out.  I am very happy.

Best wishes


Dee, Private Nursery Owner

A few weeks ago I felt old, unfit and overweight but with only a few weeks until a holiday I knew I needed some help to improve my body image.


When I first met Luke he immediately made me feel at ease and I was confident that he would help me to achieve my goal.


A few weeks later Luke has given me the confidence and strength to change my body forever. At times, he has pushed me to my absolute limit but he always makes me smile and feel so proud of what I achieved I don’t know if to laugh or cry!


I feel stronger, leaner, younger and fitter than I have for many years and I am not dreading wearing a bikini again.


Tina,  Community Counselor

Luke is an excellent trainer, he works in a systematic and collaborative way. Since the

beginning of my initial assessment, I felt that based on my needs, Luke understood what

would be the best for me in order to improve my overall health and fitness. His approach to

training is very encouraging, motivating and creative, using a variety of different equipment

with bodyweight exercises.

His training is challenging, knowing when and how to push you to get the best outcome

from each session, however still respectful of your health, fitness and strength.

I have been suffering from lower back pain/ sciatica on and off for a long time. Since

undertaking training sessions with Luke, I feel that I have been able to strengthen my

muscles, improve my posture, increase my fitness and overall strength.

Luke’s sessions are always fun, and I recommend him without any reservation.

Kind regards

Online Coaching 

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This could be you


Ralph , Head of IT and Technology

I have been a client of Luke's for coming up to two years now and am pleased with my progress.  You never know how long you will use a personal trainer for, especially as it is an extra additional cost to using the gym, and I felt the same.  Everyone wants instant change or at least over a few months, but it is all about how much you are prepared to invest.  On average, I only meet with Luke once a week, but for significant change, I need to also motivate myself and Luke has helped me to put together homework for me to do at the gym.  Only a few months ago I questioned the benefit of continuing with Luke and then realised that I had to put more into this myself and started pushing myself to go more to the gym on my own and actually do the exercises on my homework sheet.  From the beginning, we worked on my stature and strength, particularly in my back and this has really shown me how important this all is, together with heavy focus on my core.  Originally I wanted a bigger and better defined chest, but we needed to build more central strength and stature first, and I realised that just looking better quickly was not a long term goal.


Luke does also encourage a lot of stretching and small exercises to do at home and between sessions, together with how to eat better, but that is a struggle to fit in with the time I have available and therefore I am only able to do some of it.  But knowing he is there to support is part of the package that you get with Luke.  He is very open and you can talk about these issues with him and he doesn't make any judgement.  He is also used to working with a range of ages and I'm in my forties - he believes that everyone can improve and pushes you appropriately.


Overall I'm really pleased I started working with Luke, and it is amazing how quickly the time goes.  It's hard not to focus on the financial cost involved, but I do believe it is money well spent and better than using that on unhealthy alternatives.

James, Innovation Consultant

I have been training with Luke for almost a year now, he is an excellent PT! Really knows his stuff around what exercises are best in what situation and is great at advising from a nutrition perspective too. He also strikes a great balance between pushing you to your absolute limit and having fun with it. I always feel better after a workout with Luke and would highly recommend him!


Marlon, Coach Driver

It’s been an absolute pleasure training with Luke. In the 4 months he coached me, I lost around a stone and a quarter and visibly leaner, I feel fitter and stronger and generally healthier.He encourages you to eat cleaner and never give up. He sets monthly challenges which is great to keep you motivated just when you feel like waning a bit. Luke is calm, never forceful and always sociable. Even though you’re doing the work he does a fab job of helping you along. I’m looking forward to start training with him again


Louisa, Head of Leadership

I highly recommend sessions with Luke. He's consistent at making sure you are doing things right which i like in a PT, but he's also really friendly and makes sessions enjoyable but pushes you at the same time. I definitely noticed how quickly i toned up from going to his sessions, and always came away feeling strong and invigorated. The only reason i stopped working with him was because of logistics otherwise i would happily continue to train under his supervision and guidance.


Now                                                                         Before

75 kg                                                                        83 KG

Frank, Accountant 

I started training with Luke mostly for guidance with lifting posture and spotting on heavier lifts however I found his knowledge invaluable in many areas and so this expanded to a more well rounded cardio/strength training schedule which I never would have been able to put together alone. Through working on different aspects of my practice I dramatically saw improvements over time with my stamina, breathing and strength. Luke will go out of his way to help, he is friendly and genuinely cares for the people he trains. Every session is a challenge but the sense of achievement is immeasurable!


Luke has been a terrific virtual personal trainer - he makes even a beginner like me feel at ease, and the programme he has put together has already made a noticeable difference in just a couple of months.


His workouts don’t need special equipment and he’s endlessly patient. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.’



Having held a gym membership for many years I had only ever attended classes as I didn’t know how to use gym equipment.

I completed an initial 12 week PT course with Luke, which had a significant results, losing 4 kg overall, but gaining muscle mass.

Luke’s training sessions are challenging and have impact.  He explains technique in simple terms and the exercise plans are easy to follow.

He also provides support beyond the training session, setting monthly challenges and encourages an environment of the shared support amongst clients, so you are not on your own.



I set out to get fit in January and had never really stepped foot in a gym environment, I signed up with Luke as my personal trainer. He guided me through the basics of what we would be trying to achieve and how we could do this. Luke took on board that I suffer with anxiety and very low self esteem. He helped me begin to over come this with encouragement and reassurance. I struggled greatly with my workouts as my home life is very complicated and once again Luke was understanding of this. Luke demonstrated how to do the exercise and answered any questions I may have had.  He made me feel welcome and accepted. With clear instructions and demonstrations I began to be able to push myself a bit further each session. Although I can't grasp 'shoulders back and down'. Unfortunately I had to leave the gym due to my home life but luke always offered to be there either via message or email which I really appreciate.